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The Best SUV For 2015

The line up of new vehicles for 2015 promises to be a very exciting one. It will include new platforms, new design directions, gasoline engines and plug-in hybrids, new safety features, pedestrian and animal detection systems and even new battery safety innovations. Add to that direct-injection, turbocharging and advances in electrification and it?s a sure bet that the 2015 vehicles will not only be greener and safer, but will have enhanced performance as well as vehicle manufacturers take consumers boldly into the future.

Companies like Kia and Hyundai along with major players like Honda, Chevrolet, Ford and GM are hinting about vehicles with all-wheel-drive, innovative new powertrains, and incredible new crossovers with eight-speed automatic transmissions among other new wrinkles. It?s a new world. One where luxury, performance, spaciousness, power, diverse technology and many other new design elements are standard. With the 2015 models eco-friendly won't mean underpowered or undersized. Automotive engineers are creating sports models, sedans and crossover SUVs thought to be impossible not long ago.

Comfort, reliability and convenience

The release of the 2015 models signals the start of an exciting time. Comfort, reliability, convenience and performance no longer have to be sacrificed at the altar of environmental sustainability. The 2015 models with their flat-panel touch screens, internet access, central mouse control technology, amazing sound systems, refined interiors, smooth, silent transmission and powerful engines are more fuel efficient and have less toxic emissions than ever before. These vehicles not only offer superior performance, connectivity and gas mileage, they also look fantastic.

Whether you want conservative styling, sports car performance or space to comfortably hold 7 people, the 2015 models deliver. There are well powered hybrids, SUVs and crossovers coming in 2015 from Acura, Infiniti, Jaguar, BMW, and Mercedes with startling aerodynamic efficiency, stretched wheelbases, Jewel Eye headlights, LED strips on the lower front fascia, all-wheel drive, easy shifting transmissions, direct-injected engines, lightweight and rigid chassis, responsive new front and rear suspension designs, manufacturers promise will deliver more torque and efficiency.

The luxury automakers claim the stretched wheelbase has allowed for more spacious interiors and increased second-row legroom in the top rated SUVs. The new SUVs for 2015 feature dual displays, more sound-deadening materials, premium audio systems, connectivity systems with Pandora, Sirius XM, SMS text messaging, and media feeds into the cabin through smartphones. Whether it?s a compact SUV, a small SUV, a crossover or a sedan the 2015 vehicles feature automated crash notifications and a host of other safety features including energy absorbing bodies, forward collision and lane departure warnings, multi-angle rearview camera and even blind-spot information systems.

2015 Luxury SUVs

In 2015 you can purchase a luxury SUV with the gas mileage of a sedan, the towing capacity of a truck and the good looks usually reserved for a sports car. Trying to decide which is the best SUV 2015 has to offer will not be easy. Both the base models and those with the performance package are excellent choices. The new SUVs for 2015 all boast extra power, lighter and more efficient engines using both direct and port injection and interiors which make the top rated SUVs look like a luxury hotel room. Buying a luxury SUV will be easier than ever when it comes to pricing, but good luck trying to choose even a small SUV based on the amenities found inside.

People looking for a compact SUV in 2015 have so many great choices from automakers like Nissan, Ford, Toyota, Honda, Jaguar, BMW and others they may have to play enee, meenie, miney, moe to decide. The best SUV 2015 has to offer? It depends on what's most important to you. The new SUVs for 2015 have everything a consumer could want. Looking for a small SUV, a compact SUV or a luxury SUV? Then 2015 is your year. The top rated SUVs are eco-friendly, handle well, offer great mileage and look fantastic. The best SUV 2015 has to offer? You decide. (3)
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